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by Yome NetSan 8. September 2009

Europe tour confirmed...

by Yome NetSan 8. September 2009 my dreams !

I had this great (and sad at the same time) dream last night. I was in a kind of college in France and there was some sort of press conference with the Phish management (the band wasn't there) to announced the US/Europe tour for 2010.

Trey would play 4 shows in march in Paris with a "Trey & friends" kind of band. It had a special name but I can't remember.
There was also a european tour in may starting with 2 shows in 2 unknown german town, then 2 shows in Switzerland. 2 shows in Paris followed at Elysée Montmartre and Crétin Hall (!). The tour ended in Amsterdam with 2 shows again.
All those dates where surround with US shows all over the place.

The marketing departement had made things big by printing posters, flyers, post card and even credit-card-size adds. I clearly remember the look of the credit-card stuff. They were printed verticaly with, on the back, a great picture of a Phish stage, taken from a good distance, with an eruption of lights (must have been influenced by this shot). On the front, there were all the confirmed dates of the tour, with a little colored square before each date.

Yes, because there were also a lot of soon-to-be-announced dates, in US and Europe !

I woke up sad knowing it was just a dream but impatient to go to to see if there was an announcement...


Still waiting...

by Yome NetSan 7. September 2009

Still no news of confirmed dates for upcoming shows. Everybody oversea is waiting for fall and NYE dates to be announced. Maybe this week as it's when we'll see the official release of the news Phish Album : Joy. Although it has been leaked over the web for 2 weeks now and is streaming on Myspace since last week, a release date is a release date. Oh and there's this funny website that let you generate your own Joy live album : [no longer active]

I like the new album but it doesn't feel like an album. I mean It has been mostly recorded live (except for Time Turns Elastic, which I love) and it really sounds like this. It can seems silly when speaking of Phish but when I listen to a studio album, I don't want it to sound live. I love Billy Breathes of The Story of the Ghost because it has sounds and feels which are only in the studio album and not in the live version of the songs. On Undermind, songs like Scents and Subtle Sounds (Intro) or Secret Smile are really unique. When I listened to the news songs during this summer tour, I was waiting to hear the studio version, expecting another approach of the tunes. When I heard the album, I thought "Well, that's good songs and they are well played but just like in concert, minus the jams"...

So my favorite studio version is Time Turns Elastic, Kill Devil Falls and Stealing Times for the Faulty Plan are close seconds. I love the Light intro (the only studio-only part of the record), but I'm not fond of the segued and the actual song.

Another 50€ saved

by Yome NetSan 2. September 2009

OK I add to the moneybox :

  • Uncharted 2, PS3 Game


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