Trip to Gorge

by Holger 5. August 2011

Well, here we go again - Spring 2003, NYE 2004, Vegas 2004, Summer 2009, NYE 2009, Summer 2010 we now attend Summer 2011 shows. It is really fun to plan your vacation around shows and I always loved the US like I love Phish so for me it is combining two of the most fun things. This time it was a tricky one. From the day they announced the tour I was checking options. It must fit into the whole year planning and ideally should be in an area where we haven't been before. So I was desperately hoping for westcoast shows which haven't been announced in the beginning. Once they have been announced my phantasy went wild. Only problem - my wife started a new job and taking off 3 weeks was not possible. Luckily her boss approved 2,5 weeks so we got to squeeze the trip a little bit. Booking flights, car, hotels, etc was a routine after so many trips. Then about one week before we wanted to start the complete air traffic control in Germany planned a strike on the day we wanted to fly. Only at 10pm the night before a court ruled against the strike and made our trip possible. Then the flight was delayed in Berlin and I got nervous to catch the connection flight from JFK to Seattle. Thank god we catched up some minutes in the air. But immigration at JFK was the worst ever. Tons of passangers got caged into an underground labyrinth with no windows and no restrooms for 1,5h. People started to become aggressive, babies were screaming, kids were crying, men were close to fighting for space. Next horror news was that our flight to Seattle was overbook by 5 people and they were looking for flexible travellers. Of course we were NOT flexible ;)! Finally we made it into Seattle, fell into our hotel beds and tried to get some sleep. Keep you updated about our way to the Gorge...

Trey Anastasio can't leave the country

by Yome NetSan 15. March 2011

During a funny banter in his TAB show in PittsburghTrey Anastasio has confirmed what we already supposed about why he and Phish won't come to Europe right now.

Responding to a loud fan during the acoustic set (right after Driver), he said :

"I'd LOVE to com back to Canada.
It might be a little bit trickier for me. I'm not supposed to go to Canada right now... Sorry !
Canada scares me.
I like to people. It's 'cause me, me and folk at the border don't like me very much, these days.
I'm sure saying that publicly is going to improve my chances. Don't tell anybody I said that, will you ? I LOVE the people at the border.
It's between me and the US..."

So Trey isn't allowed to leave the USA as a consequence of his arrest drug back in december 2006. Thing is that I can't find on the web the complete sentence to know when he will be allowed again to leave the country. If somebody find the info, please, let us know !

Phrench Poker Magazine

by Yome NetSan 14. February 2011

I don't play poker (or every once in a while), yet this morning I bought a poker magazine, Poker 52. Indeed, it has Phish in it.

2 pages about Phish in a french magazine is very rare, and it's even more surprising it arrives in a poker magazine. The author is a regular writer in this magazine and, this time, the editor picked an article about our favorite band, we must salute the effort.

The story is about a fan's travel from Bruxels, Belgium, to Madison Square Garden, New York, for the NYE Run.
At the beggining, he has already missed the first show in Worcester but plan to arrive at New York then rent a car to drive to north east for the 28th december concert.
But due to bad weather, his flight is canceled. Several options are sugested by the company like a direct flight that arrive on January the 1st or another to land late on the 30th.
Finally, his trip goes like this : Bruxels > London [3h wait] > Chicago [3h wait] > Boston [landing at 1.30am] > 5h Drive to New York on the 30th.

The original article (in french) can be read on the author's blog here :

Thanks to Coventry Blog for the story.

Merry Christmas !

by Yome NetSan 21. December 2010

With the New Year's Eve simulcast and the Acoustic Trey free download, it's already Christmas time !


Have a great Christmas diner, drive safe and see you in 2011 !





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