Let's start with the obvious ones

by Yome NetSan 22. September 2009

I'm a collector. That means when I like something, I can't help but collecting everything about it. My collections span from video games (Nintendo, WipEout, Castlevania...) to Coffee mugs, Michael Jackson and of course Phish.

I will use this little journal to showcase my Phish collection and I'll start with what I started with : the studio CDs.

I discovered Phish during summer holidays in Long Island, on the 12th July 1997. I traveled from France to USA with my best friend/sister and her own sister. During my stay, I listened to a lot of new music like Bob Marley, Les Miserables or Jimmy Buffet along with what I used to listen a lot at the time like k's Choice or the Smashing Pumpkins. I also met several fine peoples and eventualy went to a party one night in a friend's home. At some point, a guy put a song that instantly catched my ears. It had a nice groove and funny melody. After the song, they switched CDs so I could borrow the showcase organiser. Man ! Even the disc is nice to look at ! I was Junta, disc 1. I asked which song as just been played. It was Fee and I was hooked.
Some days latter (16th July to be precise), I bought the double CD and stepped onto the Phish World (I've already told this little story on my other french web site).

When I came back to France, I realised that Phish was really famous in the US but completly unknown here, so finding new CD wasn't really easy. I wasn't into file downloading yet and didn't know the taping policy of the band. I didn't even noticed they had just did 2 tours in Europe, the last european show in Spain played just the day before I heard Fee for the first time ! My only fix was my only CD.

Near Christmas 1997, I found in a shop in Geneva, Switzerland, another double CD : A Live One (not in the picture as it's a live album). I then discovered the improvisation side of Phish. I listened furiously.
The following albums I got was Rift and Hoist that my brother's girlfriend brought back for me from her USA trip during summer 1998. 

At this time, one can wonder why I didn't catch a show during Phish's Europe summer tour in 1998. There are several reasons. Beeing a student, I wasn't very rich as so couldn't go too far away for a concert. The 9 european shows this summer were in Denmark, Czech Republic and Spain. That beeing said, I also met the woman of my life this summer so my mind wasn't into going to a concert (at least without her as we went to the Paleo Festival to see k's Choice). That's the way I missed the last european Phish shows.

During my studies in Valence, France (not to be confused with Valence, Spain), while discovering at last the magic of mp3 downloading, I encountered The Story of the Ghost and Farmhouse in the local Fnac shop. Several years later, I surprisely got The Siket Disc and Billy Breathes for two consecutive christmas. My parents found them in the same (and now closed) Geneva shop where I found A Live One several years before.

Once I got free to buy stuffs from Dry Goods (aka once I earned enough money with my job), I complete my collection with The White Tape and Round Room. I guess I got Lawn Boy and A Picture of Nectar this way as I don't remember how I got them...

My last Phish studio album was of course Undermind which I pre-ordered as soon as I could and received on the 18th June 2004 (as seen here and here). I listened to it at full power in my living room, while drinking a honey flavored beer.

Soon, my collection will grow bigger with Joy as I ordered the regularvinyl and Box editions from Dry Goods and I hope to received them by the end of October.

Still waiting...

by Yome NetSan 7. September 2009

Still no news of confirmed dates for upcoming shows. Everybody oversea is waiting for fall and NYE dates to be announced. Maybe this week as it's when we'll see the official release of the news Phish Album : Joy. Although it has been leaked over the web for 2 weeks now and is streaming on Myspace since last week, a release date is a release date. Oh and there's this funny website that let you generate your own Joy live album : http://www.wecanstillhavejoy.com [no longer active]

I like the new album but it doesn't feel like an album. I mean It has been mostly recorded live (except for Time Turns Elastic, which I love) and it really sounds like this. It can seems silly when speaking of Phish but when I listen to a studio album, I don't want it to sound live. I love Billy Breathes of The Story of the Ghost because it has sounds and feels which are only in the studio album and not in the live version of the songs. On Undermind, songs like Scents and Subtle Sounds (Intro) or Secret Smile are really unique. When I listened to the news songs during this summer tour, I was waiting to hear the studio version, expecting another approach of the tunes. When I heard the album, I thought "Well, that's good songs and they are well played but just like in concert, minus the jams"...

So my favorite studio version is Time Turns Elastic, Kill Devil Falls and Stealing Times for the Faulty Plan are close seconds. I love the Light intro (the only studio-only part of the record), but I'm not fond of the segued and the actual song.

Phish Wordle

by Yome NetSan 19. August 2009


Based on the Phishtistics web site as of 8.16.09

1214 shows
67 only in Europe
697 songs
283 onetimers


Some covers

by Yome NetSan 19. August 2009

Here are 3 Phish songs played by me on the acoustic guitar. It's not that good but as it's already on my other website...

Prince Caspian

Billy Breathes


If I had to choose...

by Yome NetSan 19. August 2009

...one song from each studio album, it'd be the following.

Junta : Fee
Lawn Boy : The Squirming coil
A Picture of Nectar : The Landlady
Rift : Horn
Hoist : Dog-Faced Boy
Billy Breathes : Waste
The Story of the Ghost : Water in the Sky
Farmhouse : Sleep
Round Room: All of These Dreams
Undermind : Scents and Subtle Sounds (Intro)
Joy : Time Turns Elastic (juging between this and Backwards Down the Number Line)

Ok I'm talking studio version here. That's why I can't really tell about Joy as I've only heard 2 studio versions yet.
And I'd rather listen to a Divided Sky, a Stash or a Maze in a show...


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