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by Yome NetSan 8. September 2009 my dreams !

I had this great (and sad at the same time) dream last night. I was in a kind of college in France and there was some sort of press conference with the Phish management (the band wasn't there) to announced the US/Europe tour for 2010.

Trey would play 4 shows in march in Paris with a "Trey & friends" kind of band. It had a special name but I can't remember.
There was also a european tour in may starting with 2 shows in 2 unknown german town, then 2 shows in Switzerland. 2 shows in Paris followed at Elysée Montmartre and Crétin Hall (!). The tour ended in Amsterdam with 2 shows again.
All those dates where surround with US shows all over the place.

The marketing departement had made things big by printing posters, flyers, post card and even credit-card-size adds. I clearly remember the look of the credit-card stuff. They were printed verticaly with, on the back, a great picture of a Phish stage, taken from a good distance, with an eruption of lights (must have been influenced by this shot). On the front, there were all the confirmed dates of the tour, with a little colored square before each date.

Yes, because there were also a lot of soon-to-be-announced dates, in US and Europe !

I woke up sad knowing it was just a dream but impatient to go to to see if there was an announcement...


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