DMB in Europe, hint for a Phish tour ?

by Yome NetSan 20. October 2009

Although some phishheads keep saying that the Dave Matthews Band isn't a jam band and can't be compared to Phish, I'm a little interrested in the recent announcement of a European 2010 tour.

The main reason for my interrest is that both Phish and DMB are in the same management company, Red Light Management. While I'm not really sure the management company and the ticket selling are related, it's a fact that the bands also shared the same TicketMaster ticket selling system.

I will sure take a look at the ticket selling process with DMB to prepare for a hypothetic Phish tour. A big difference already is that DMB has a paying fan club (The Warehouse) where fans can purchase tickets before their public release. Phish doesn't have such a private selling website. I will also check if the tickets will be available through regular european markets.

I can see that there is a 4 mounths gap between the anouncement (20th oct. 2009) and the first show (13th feb. 2010). If the rumors are true, we can expect an announcement for a Phish European tour by december 2009. We can only wait...


On a side european note, I received a nice mail from a German based jam band radio show called Stash. Recent shows can be downloads as mp3 file and showcase bands like Phish, Grateful Dead or Cosmic Fingers.
Take listen at and !


Sweden hello_sir 10/21/2009 2:25:13 PM

Hej....I have been following your blog ever since these Europe rumors popped up. I am from Chicago and am studying in Sweden. FYI-There is a fan based ticketing site that runs on a lottery system for tickets before the public sale. Its called Phish tickets by mail or most refer to it PTBM, and has been in place for some time now. Keeping my fingers crossed as well, havent seen the boys since Hampton 04.

France Yome NetSan 10/21/2009 4:31:17 PM

Thanks for your comment. How's weather in Sweden ? :)

I've heard about this lottery thing but never really understand the process (never really look at it).
I also wonder if this system is open to non-US resident.
I'd find it strange if Phish'd sell their tickets for European show through this system and not with the standard european market (like Fnac in France)...
That's why I will have a good look at this DMB selling.

Netherlands Hans 10/29/2009 2:49:13 PM

Dave Matthews has been in and out of Europe for years. Doesn't mean a thing for a  Phish tour in Europe.
I strongly advice again attending one of the DMB shows. They suck. Most of his audience is made up of trust fund chicks comparing notes about their nose jobs and dental care plans.

United States JB 11/9/2009 5:10:14 PM

Actually, Phish's primary ticketing system is run through Live Nation. In the U.S. bands don't really pick the ticketing system they use. Instead the ticketing companies have contracts with the venues, and if a band wants to play there, they have to use that company to sell their tickets. The only time Phish can really control which company they use is during their pre-sale mail order period. They do this through Live Nation, and only a small number of tickets are available through a lottery system. You can learn about the lottery system by visiting

As far as DMB's not that they're a "not" a jamband, but more that they're just terrible. His music is the only reason frat boys are still able to get laid.

France Yome NetSan 11/9/2009 5:31:04 PM

Thanks for your explanation about Phish ticketing. i can see clearer now.
But please, stop the hating ala PT style... Music is about taste and you not liking DMB music doesn't mean no one should like it.

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