More on Junta, the perfect gift for eBay sellers

by Yome NetSan 21. April 2012

This Junta Deluxe vinyl is really a gift made to eBay sellers because they can get the disc for $50 and sell it $250 ! I know it's my second article about this today but I'm really pissed. Right now, 108 discs are on sale on eBay and more than 100 have already be sold ! That's 4% of the 5000 made ! And it's growing !

But I'm not alone to get angry with the situation. Here are some of the comments on the official Junta photo album on Facebook. Some of them even say that local stores, the one for which Record Store Day has been created, charged $20 more just because they want to ! Shameful...

Please Phish, release all your catalogue on vinyl, but not for Record Store Day. You accessed the scalpers for your ticket show and that's good. But with this move, the real fans have to sell their kids to buy your disc while people whi don't give a fuck of your music make more money on one day than we do in a month !

Kevin Daly Please Phish, make these available to everybody. This 1 or 2 copies a city is ridiculous.

Paul Amodei ‎@ Gregg, I was that third guy in line at Cutlers. So lucky to get it but at a premium! $100. Kinda pissed Cutlers upcharged an extra $20 but whatever. Sorry you didn't get the Pollock man.

Jeremy Chapman I hate record store day. Fuck limited releases, fuck Ebay scalpers, and fuck the disappointment MOST of the true fans feel when they can't find the record they want even after waiting in line forever. I support my local and regional record stores 364 days out of the year but not on this day.

Morrison Tenenbaum Ebay scalpers are scum that deprive true fans. They would rather keep this record till death then sell it for a reasonable price. Losers.

Caroline Porter Mayfield Super pissed that we waited in line at 10pm for the store to open at 12am and some guy who couldn't even name one song from the album got the only copy in all if KC even after we begged him for it. Really sucks that greedy fuckers ruin the spirit of Record Store Day. Bet he's one of the assholes who put it up on eBay for $250. DICK!

Daniel Brown Only store in Memphis that had it was charging $99 and $199 for each edition. SO ridiculous.

Robert Matt Merry That's the problem. It was distributed extremely poorly. All the little cities that needed the extra money got 0 copies even though they all ordered it. Stores that sell it above srp or on ebay should be cut off from getting any more.

Ryan Kitchen i'm pretty disappointed by how many of these are already on ebay. Can we get a re-release of your albums on vinyl, phish? I'd love to buy an -everything phish- box set...for what it would cost to buy 2 of your albums on ebay currently.

Bernd Berndmann I tried to get one here in Germany but of course it was available nowhere. Once again it sucks big time to be a Phish fan in Europe.

Nathan Keel Make enough for all fans or not at all. You have the power to control the market and you choose not to. Shame.


Netherlands reydempto 5/3/2012 2:11:49 PM

This article makes me sad. It's fucked up that we Europhans get to sit back and watch this occur. After the planning you and I went through trying to get my american friends to pull through for us..

The record store my friend went to in New Orleans said they had 2 copies in the morning and they were gone in minutes. How is it that a store only gets 2? I STRONGLY suspect foul play from within the RSD team of employees, and possibly within the record stores themselves, who nab the rare collectibles and put them on ebay instead of their shelves. Either way, it pisses me off to even think about it so I've tried my best to let this go. You remember earlier this year I proclaimed that I've "had it" with LivePhish/DryGoods, and this is just another one of those dick moves that they pulled. All of this nonsense would have been avoided if they would just ignore RSD and, like you said, put some new vinyls on their site instead, but obviously this is a money move.

Sad to say, but ever since Dave Matthews' Band's management 'gurus' started up with phish in 2003, the 'fan love' quotient became lower and lower, while ticket prices rise every year, and taping is becoming more restricted every year as well. Phans figured out they could stream shows live from their rigs, and what pops up? Phish livestreams pay per view, and taper streaming is banned on those nights. Phish might not be behind all of this, but they definitely are turning a blind eye.

It's all a big money game. It was dumb to ever think we had a chance at getting some of these vinyls. For me, and many of you reading this, it's Hampton '09 all over again.

Yome NetSan 5/3/2012 2:26:53 PM

We'll get one of them, I swear. Prices started to lower on eBay.

I don't know about RSD team holding copies but it's a known fact that some store sold their discs on eBay.

I'm reluctant to pay 100$ for a vinyl to a eBay scalper, but I'd pay that directly to Phish if half of the price were donate to charity... Think about that Phish !

I wasn't aware of tapping restriction and I think pay per view is a good thing. I watched my first Phish show live-as-it-happened on NYE.

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