Internet is marvelous, or how technology allows me to live Phish

by Yome NetSan 11. June 2012

15 years ago, I discovered Phish and the Internet.

I've learnt how to download old shows, to find unfindable discs, to read setlists the day after the concert. Since 2003, sells each show played by the band and since 2009, you have to wait only an hour after the last note ! Some shows were streamed live on Sirius Radio.

Last year, Phish started to do webcast of some concerts so one can listen and watch the show on Internet. What american people call Couch Tour is now really a whole tour without leaving your couch. Now you don't have to wait the day after the show to download and listen to it (what already was a great step forward), you can simply live it live, almost like you were there... and even better ! Yes, no more rain, not wait in line for the bathroom, no 7$ beer...

On this side of the Atlantic, you still have to wake up in the middle of the night. I did it for New Year's Eve and it was a strange eperience to celebrate the new year at 6 in the morning with headphones on, while chatting with other european fans on facebook.


Last night, I did it again. Phish played two sets at Bonnaroo, Tennessee, and the while thing was broadcast for free sur Youtube. Once more, I commented the songs choices and appreciated musical explorations from my favorite band, live in my living room. I also see the dawn of the day while listening to happy and energic rock.
Last month, the festival put on Youtube, for one week, an hour and a half of the Phish shows from 2009.

Earlier this weekend, I discovered, thanks to Holger, that a fan had taped in HD both concerts in Worcester and put them on Youtube ! Filmed for the balcony, with an almost fixed view and a perfect video and audio quality, these documents show, if necessary, that Chris Kuroda, with his new light show, really is the fifth member of the band (see videos bellow).

As a result, I was able to watch the 4 last Phish concerts (with NYE), including two of them live ! Unthinkable only two years ago...

Being a fan in 2012 becomes more and more comfortable and summer looks promising !

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