1 Year Ago : 30.10.2013 First day at Atlantic City

by Yome NetSan 30. October 2014

When I woke up, the bus was arriving at Atlantic City. As I turned my head to see the city, I felt a sharp pain on the left side of my neck. Damned, my back was just getting better and now I couldn't turn my head ?! The emotion of meeting Trey Anastasio in Philadelphia, the walk with my luggages on the streets and the uncomfortable ride in the bus ended up ruining my neck...


I missed the first stop at Tropicana and got off at Bailey's. As I walked down, I grabbed two copies of Surrender to the Flow, a fanzine I've heard about many times in the past. Gilles would be happy to have one.

I initially planned to walk to my hotel but I finally took a cab because of my neck. That proved to be a brilliant idea as the Knight Inn wasn't precisely near the casino I was at.

I checked in room 114 and, to ease the pain, I tried the hot bath and little nap solution. Without much success.

Off to the city !

I went out of my room at 6.20 PM and my neck wasn't better. Nevertheless, I took a bus to the city.I got the bus schedule from my GPS location with my smartphone. I used this feature for the first time as it doesn't work in France, at least where I live. Although I couldn't use a cell-phone network, my smartphone would be very handy in the following days, to get bus schedules, to read my emails and make video-calls through various free Wi-Fi access.

So I stopped at the Tropicana Resort.

I had planned for a few weeks take advantage of the IMAX 3D theatre to finally see Gravity. What I had not anticipated was that the building was a real maze with a casino, hotel, restaurants, shops, bars... I was amazed (!) by the size of the thing...

And by the lack of direction map.
I had to ask three persons to finally find the IMAX theatre !

At 7.00, I was comfortably sitting in front of the giant screen, with a bowl of salted popcorn (the kind I don't like and make me cough, but I misunderstood the waitress).

The movie was amazing and seeing it in 3D on this over-sized screen was the best way to watch it.

After the movie, I started to look for a restaurant. I ended up at Hooter, less for the waitresses short-legged pans than the huge BBQ Burger.

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