1 Year Ago : 31.10.2013 First Set and setbreak

by Yome NetSan 31. October 2014

The show finally started at 8PM.

I won't go into details of the music as it has already been reviewed many times during the 12 last months. So I'll stick to what happened "off-stage".

And if you haven't listened to it yet, look for a picture of my tickets and redeem the bar code to livephish.com/redeem and enjoy !

And if the bar codes aren't readables, just ask me ! But remember : first come, first served ;)

I really enjoyed this set. I danced all I could to the Moma Dance, one of my favorite groove, and to the other fine tunes. I've been pretty lucky when it comes to the song selections : Stash, Camel Walk, Free, Mound... It was fun to dance among all those costumed people. I love to watch people having a great time and dancing like there's no tomorrow in concerts so it was double the fun. And what is said is true : Page side, rage side !

As I re-listened to the show afterwards, I noticed that Trey called Mike "Don Gordleone" during Poor Heart. It was a joke to the yet-to-be-shown setbreak video. I don't know if many people got it at the time. I sure didn't.

But during this first set, people kept switching seats around me so it was rather disturbing. Obviously, some shouldn't have been here and moved when the right fans came with their tickets.

Near the half of the set, a group of people arrived with children with large headsets. I found it strange to bring young children to a show like that and arriving that late. That's when I've almost positively recognize the person who gave me the possibility to buy my tickets, just 2 seats from me.

I asked her who she was right at the end of the set, and I was right ! 
We were so surprised to be seated next to each other !
Of course, I spent the first 5 minutes to thank her. I also told her about the present I brought from France. I'd have to leave it at her hotel because I can't enter the venue with it.

We talked the whole set break about several topics like my meeting with Trey in Philadelphia and the next set of new materials. 
We agreed that it was better for the band to rehearse new songs for the future than someone else's album just for a one night stand.

Meanwhile, my back and neck pain were getting worst. After all my morning walking and standing and dancing in the first set, I had to sit a little bit.

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