1 Year Ago : 31.10.2013 Second Set (Wingsuit) and setbreak

by Yome NetSan 31. October 2014

But the second set was already beginning.

And I was among the first (15000) few to hear brand new songs by Phish, first hand.

They start with the Wingsuit / Fuego combo. Right at the first notes I was transported by the slow and haunting song. I loved the Pink Floyd feel at the end. As the tunes each have several parts, they seems to be connected some way. Especially because the beginning of Fuego sounds like the middle of a song to me. I was surprised many month later when I saw the final track order of the released album. 

The light show was different from Reading because there was no seats behind the stage. So Chris Kuroda used the back to "paint" big splash of colors. The room was bigger too and as I was on the side, I had a very good view to the whole venue. Lights on the far rear of the crowd were great.

Anyway, I really loved every song. It was so strange and special to hear brand new Phish music at my second Phish show! 
The three acoustic set ups (with Mike on upright bass for one of them !!) were a nice surprise even if the some parts were hard to hear because of too much crowd noises. For example, Snow is a beautiful song but the big venue on Halloween night doesn't give it justice. It's too bad it didn't make it to the final album.
The beginning of Waiting All Night made me think of You Enjoy Myself but the feeling didn't last.
The prank and the dance routine during Womba were priceless. Even if I didn't know what a Womba is, nor the Fish TV Show, nor the name of Abe Vigoda (I know him from the Godfather but that's it).
I didn't understand all of what Trey said so, at first, I thought it was Page's father in the costume. I finally understood with the Godfather video at the end of the set. One of there best video in my opinion.

I noticed a mini-stage on the right of the normal stage where a girl was standing. She had a light for her and what looked like a teleprompter at her feet. I soon realized she was translating the lyrics for the hearing impaired! I found it great and strange at the same time. I can't imagine deaf people coming to a concert. I wonder if she's hired by the band or the venue. I'm pretty sure she wasn't there at Reading. 

Anyway, I often looked at her during the whole show. It was like dancing but with meaning.

Since the end of this set and after many re-listen, I think playing their own album from the future instead of a cover it's one of the best decision Phish even took in their career. I was amazed at the time and I'm still are about their courage and how well they played. It has been a very good investment for the future and I can't wait to hear what they're up to for Halloween 2014.

At set break, I finally met Gilles near the Waterwheel Foundation table. We talked about what happened since we part ways at Reading (music he heard at Washington, my walks in Philadelphia, Atlantic City, my door locked, and of course, the new album...).

But set 3 is already on its way !

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