1 Year Ago : 31.10.2013 Shopping and Walking

by Yome NetSan 31. October 2014

The night did not go too bad and I finally been able to have my luggage back on the morning. But my neck and back weren't any better than on the evening.

I can't remember why, but there was no breakfast at the hotel this morning. So I took the bus to Atlantic City at 10.20 and walked on Atlantic Avenue where I bought a coffee with donuts.

Then, I went to the Boardwalk, along the ocean shores.

The weather wasn't bad. Mostly sunny but with a cold wind that didn't helped my neck. I really liked the landscape with the beach, souvenirs shops, restaurants and, of courses, casinos.

The contrast between the roads and streets that resemble those of a normal city (I can't explain why I didn't take pictures of that part) and the buildings along the shore was striking. The closer you get to the ocean, the taller the buildings. Casinos and hotels were huge and extravagantly decorated. The Taj Mahal Resort looked like... well... The Taj Mahal. Another one looks like a roman coliseum... Between the scenery and the mood inside the lobbies, I felt like I was at Disneyland. Really unreal.

Passing next to the Boardwalk Hall, where the shows would take place in the coming days, I noticed that Phish fans had already begun to gather around. The box office was opened but my tickets weren't ready yet.

I went walking on the beach and saw the pier with the big ferris wheel from the Trey Anastasio's "Original Boardwalk Style" cover.

I also noticed several people riding bikes on the Boardwalk. As I'm used to do most of my moves in France on my bike, I looked for the place to rent one. It would have been very nice to be able to go back and forth between the hotel and the venue on a bicycle. Unfortunately, they are only allowed to stay on the Boardwalk, not in the city, and there isn't a global rental service like in France.

My next stop was planned for long ago as I pinned on my map the few video games stores in the city. So I left the shore and went to Game Stop on Atlantic Avenue. In the end, it would be the only gaming shop I found opened in town.
I had several things in mind and a few "orders" from friends. I went out with two 32GB PS Vita memory cards and a reservation for both special edition Mario & Luigi Wii U Remotes that were being released two days later. The seller managed to sell me the membership card (16$) to place this order by telling me that, with what I bought this day and the remotes, the card would "pay itself" with a discount on the remotes. 
More on that later...

After that, I walked back to the hotel and I only had to cross the parking lot to eat at a pizza restaurant right beside the hotel.

I was back to my room by 12.30 and felt asleep until 4 PM.



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