1 Year Ago : 01.11.2013 Second show in Atlantic City

by Yome NetSan 1. November 2014

After more sleep, I was on the Boardwalk at 5.45.

They had a discount at Dunkin' Donuts so I bought 6 donuts for $3 but, as we say in French, "my eyes were bigger than my stomach". It was way too much for me and I couldn't eat them all.

A policeman call me out as I passed him to ask me if he could have one. He was joking but he was very surprised when I said "Sure! Help yourself" while opening the box in front of him. He thought I was joking too but as I was dead serious, he finally took one.

I gave 2 more to fans in the line. In the chat that followed, the guy told me, after he learned where I came from, "France? Never heard of it !".

Finally, as I couldn't enter the Boardwalk Hall with the last one, I had to trash the box at the security check, after telling the security guy to eat it. I hope someone finally took it.


Gilles was late so I couldn't meet him before the show so I went straight to my seat.

This time, it was on the opposite side of the venue, Mike side, in straight line of the stage.

I had a better view on the girl who makes the deaf language signs. It was as mesmerizing as the night before.



The show was stellar. Trey introduced Page's Halfway to the Moon by saying that this piece would be part of the new album but as they had already played it this summer, it didn't fit in yesterday's second set. I high-fived one of my neighbors when they started Jesus Just Left Chicago.



Between sets, I talked with a guy in the line to buy some water because of my small french flag I still had with me (only without the stick since last day security check). He couldn't believe I made the trip from France to see Phish. He asked "Vraiment ?" ("really ?"). 


I met Gilles too but Twist began already... 



Lots of improvising during this second set and fun moments like the Mariska Policeman. I didn't catch all the Bush and kush jokes but most of them. But most importantly : I got my Slave to the Traffic Light. It's the kind of song that brings tears to my eyes. The slow building of the jam and the end being such a momentum, I think it should always be the final song. They could just stop there without any encore, it would be perfect.




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