What I won't buy for Phish

by Yome NetSan 30. August 2009

L'Histoire de Nintendo #2 Les Game & Watch I'm a rather compulsive buyer, a collector and I have a whole bunch of passions.
That's a pretty expensive mix....


So if I want to go on Phish tour, I have to save money. Here is a list of things I'd have bought that I won't (at least in the near future) :



So that's a total of 320,48€ saved for my Phish tour !
Of course it's far from enough to afford the flights, trains, hotels, beers and of course tickets for a full european tour but it's a good start.

Plane planning

by Yome NetSan 30. August 2009

Ok, I know it's planning over unsourced rumors but anyway.

I live in Lyon, France. So I have to plan my tour starting from this point.
For now, I'll just have a look at the "big" travels from city to city.

So let's start with Lyon -> Dusseldorf

  • With British Airways, I have a flight for  189€ but it's 08h15 > 17h25, so 9h10 with 1 stop-over
  • With Lufthansa, it's only 1h20 long without stop-over but for 563€... Ouch !
  • If I leave from Paris and the day before the show (5/8 instead of 5/9) I found a 44€ direct fight (1h25) !
After the Dusseldorf show (1st Phish show in Europe in 12 years !), I have only one day to go to Munich.
  • I can flight with Air Berlin for 40€
  • I guess i could also take the (A-)train but i couldn't find a price (except for a 177€ Eurotrain).
See you later for the other flights !

Rumored tour map

by Yome NetSan 28. August 2009

New Europe 2010 rumors

by Yome NetSan 27. August 2009

Now with dates !!

05/09/10 Dusseldorf, Germany. Burg-Wachter Castello
05/10/10 Munich, Germany. Zenith
05/12/10 Bern, Switzerland. Post Finance Arena
05/13/10 Milan, Italy. Milan Auditorium
05/15/10 Barcelona, Spain. The Palau de la Musica Catalana
05/17/10 Paris, France. Elysee Montmartre
05/18/10 Amsterdam, Netherlands. Vondelpark
05/19/10 Amsterdam, Netherlands. Vondelpark
05/21/10 London, United Kingdom. O2 Arena
05/22/10 London, United Kingdom. O2 Arena

There are 2 "sources" (or people spreading the rumor) for now :

This tour would be great for me as it's rather short and not too far away.
Althought the one-day Paris>Amsterdam should be a little too quick, it usually left 2 days to travel from away towns.
I'd gladly "visit" Barcelona and Amsterdam in may :)


[UPDATE] Don't get your hopes up it won't mean a thing...

Fall Tour Rumors + Europe nuggets

by Yome NetSan 24. August 2009

Rumors for Fall tour 2009 and New Year Eve are more and more acurates. Some of them also speak about a 2010 European tour (in April, maybe).
Although I'd personaly prefer another month, April'd work for me.

Of course, they're only rumors. I remember there were also rumors of a summer 2009 Europe tour even before en US tour...

Source : http://welcometonow.wordpress.com/2009/08/22/phish-fall-tour-and-nye-2009/

Phish Wordle

by Yome NetSan 19. August 2009


Based on the Phishtistics web site as of 8.16.09

1214 shows
67 only in Europe
697 songs
283 onetimers


Some covers

by Yome NetSan 19. August 2009

Here are 3 Phish songs played by me on the acoustic guitar. It's not that good but as it's already on my other website...

Prince Caspian

Billy Breathes


If I had to choose...

by Yome NetSan 19. August 2009

...one song from each studio album, it'd be the following.

Junta : Fee
Lawn Boy : The Squirming coil
A Picture of Nectar : The Landlady
Rift : Horn
Hoist : Dog-Faced Boy
Billy Breathes : Waste
The Story of the Ghost : Water in the Sky
Farmhouse : Sleep
Round Room: All of These Dreams
Undermind : Scents and Subtle Sounds (Intro)
Joy : Time Turns Elastic (juging between this and Backwards Down the Number Line)

Ok I'm talking studio version here. That's why I can't really tell about Joy as I've only heard 2 studio versions yet.
And I'd rather listen to a Divided Sky, a Stash or a Maze in a show...

OK, I'm ready

by Yome NetSan 17. August 2009

12 years ago, I discovered Phish and their fabulous shows.
12 years ago, I started waiting to see them live.
5 years ago, I was crying thinking it would never happen.
10 month ago, hope came back when they announced 3 shows at the Hampton Coliseum.
Now I'm ready to buy countless tickets and book countless trains and flights.

The only thing's missing is a European tour...


Have you been on Phish tour in Europe ?
Have something to write about Phish ?
If you are a european Phish fan, feel free to contact me to become a writter on this blog !

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