One year ago today

by Yome NetSan 1. October 2009

tonight is the one year anniversary of the last time (hopefully) we will know a world with no phish. my life has changed so much since october 1, 2008. i was at an awful part of my life, stuck in a completely trainwrecked relationship, borderline failing out of school. then on october 1, 2008, i woke up to 7 texts and 3 missed calls. i hadn't been pt'ing too much at the time, so phish was at the way back of my mind. my initial reaction was that there had been a family emergency, but alas, it was friends and family telling my that my band was back together. i could not contain my excitement, i skipped class, reconnected with long lost phish friends, and since then, have completely turned my life around again.

it is stupid to say that phish's reunion helped me get my life back together, because that simply isnt true. but they did rekindle my passion for music, how much i enjoy playing it, and how it is the only thing that makes sense to me in the entire world. i started listening to my favorite albums again, like revolver, and started listening to phish again, and how fresh and new the world was. i have had a new, optimistic and music filled life since 10/1/08, and tonight is the anniversary of when i said goodbye to a sad existence.

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