[Giveaway] Double combo ! Ventura + Star Lake

by Yome NetSan 14. June 2013

The new Phish live CD boxset called Ventura came earlier thanks to Phish Inc. and it is ready to go to YOUR house !

But it might come with a friend : Star Lake 98 dvd !

For a chance to win, comment this post with the answer of this question : "Where did Phish tour during summers 1997 and 1998 for the last time to date ?"

You can Tweet this to maximize your chance :

Giveaway of the new #Phish 6 CD boxset Ventura on http://www.bouncingaroundeuroom.eu @YomeNetSan

Don't forget to include the link to your tweet in your comment.

The winner will be randomly choosen among comments and tweets made between now and Friday 21th June 13:00 (France time). If the winner wants only one of the two prices or if he choose to let someone else win, I'll pick up a second winner for the remaining prize !

This contest is open to european residents only.

All new 6-CD box set featuring two complete live shows, recorded July 30, 1997 and July 20, 1998 at Ventura County Fairgrounds in Ventura, California, a general admission dirt racetrack between the Pacific Coast Highway and Surfers Point Park. Bits of the each show's Soundchecks are included at the end of both shows.

The new box set was fully remixed from the band's multitrack masters and mastered for release. July 30, 1997 was Phish's first Ventura stop since Trey learned to surf nearby in 1993. The show featured a number of must-hear performances including a bass-driven, syncopated "Wolfman's Brother" > "Chalk Dust Torture", a deep and spacey "Stash" and "Character Zero" in Set I. A "Free" > "David Bowie" > "Cities" > "David Bowie" combination dominated the show's second half with some of the summer's biggest jams. 

On July 20, 1998 Phish again encountered Ventura's breezy oceanside. Ventura '98 was characterized by some new songs and some bustouts. The first set included a "Bathtub Gin" opener, a new arrangement of "Water In The Sky", the swinging funk of "The Moma Dance" and a "Split Open And Melt" Set I closer. Set II exploded with a bass-and-drums-fueled "Drowned" > "Makisupa Policeman" pairing that utilized Page's synth stylings to seamlessly blend rock and reggae. "Maze" led to a perfectly placed "Sea And Sand". 

Digital hunt for analog treasures

by Yome NetSan 1. June 2013

With the Blossom 95 download, the Ventura boxset, Mike Gordon's The Egg and three releases for the Record Store Day, Phish knows how to keep us busy before summer tour !

After going under the rain on the 20th April to my local record store to buy the Pink Floyd's See Emily Play and other french 7", the second part of the treasure hunt began on the Internet. But this year, several surprises made the search more interesting and easier.


The first vinyl to reach my turn table was the vinyl edition of By My Side, a collection of ballads from Ben Harper. I found it in a french web store (Fargo) thanks to a tweet from Planète Vinyle, a french website about wax discs. But it turns out that I was in Morocco by that time and I couldn't order it right away. I had to wait my return to France a week and a half later, hoping that the disc would still be available. Luckly I made the order almost as I stepped of the plane and got my package the week later for a nice price (25€ including 3€ for shipping).


For the next two discs, I had to rely on good old eBay...



Trey Anastasio's Blue Ash And Other Suburbs is a nice looking 7" Picture Disc which also contains brand new music ! So new I couldn't tell by listening t the first instrumental track if I should spin it at 45 or 33RPM !

It seems like it's been limited to 1200 copies so it's no surprise it was not easy to find it a good price.

I finally got it for 38€ (half of this was shipping fees) instead of the original 15$. I know it's almost third time the price but I don't have a lot or choices, especially for shipping.






Same thing for Page McConnell's Unsung Cities and Movies Never Made, instead that it was even more rare (only 1000 copies) and even more musicaly interresting. The only trace of 4 out of the 10 intrumental tracks of the disc can be found on this Film & TV Sampler CD that even the most die-hard US phans haven't heard of... I couldn't find it below 60€, even it sold for 20$ on the day, but I think it was worth it.



The final two discs arrived in my house with the help of very very nice people...



A few weeks before the Record Store Day, I sent a half-joking tweet to the Royal Potato Family, asking the Marco Benevento's record company how a poor french fan could get his hands on the vinyl edition of Invisible Baby. The answer that I didn't expect to have is the one I got : They'll keep one of the only 500 copies for me !
But a month later, I was in contact with then to buy the vinyl at the regular price of 14$ !

Unbelievable !



The last record which came to me (this morning) was ironicaly the most available (7500 copies), the most expensive (50$) but also the most wanted. It's no news that there's a lot of Phish fans in the USA and after releasing the vinyls of The White Tape and Junta in the past years, the expectation for Lawn Boy was rather high.
Like last year, ebay scalpers did their job and I waited for the euphoria to settle down a little.
Meanwhile, Phish released a download of a 1995 concert and announced a 6 CDs boxset of two shows from 1997 and 1998. For such announcement, I usualy got in touch with Beth Montuori Rowles from Phish Inc., who provide me with download codes and review copies. That's how I can set up some contests. I took the opportunity to ask her if she had hold some RSD vinyls and if she could sell me one. The Page's one was so limited that she couldn't hold one but she had Lawn Boy for sell !
A 50$ donation to The Waterwheel Foundation later, the disc was on its way to France... and she even paid for shipping !


So less than a month and a half after Record Store Day, I already found all eight discs I wanted and for far less that last years. As a comparison, I had to wait until October to get my hands on the fifth and final disc of 2012 at a reasonable price. But I am well aware that this year I got the intervention of three lucky stars : Planète Vinyle, Royal Potato Family and Beth.

Thanks to them and see you next year !


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