Amsterdam : Arriving at the Melkweg

by Yome NetSan 21. March 2012

Wednesday 14th march 2012 @ 15:30

I went to the Melkweg early in the afternoon to ask when the door will open and if it was allowed to take pictures.

When I arrived, a table was set up so than people could already get their Jam in the Dam necklace pass. I asked for mine but I was obviously the first european to show up and I've been told than I'd get mine when entering the venue at 7 (the guy I met was nice enough to "translate" 7 to 19 as we are used in Europe). So I got my answers and decided to come with my big photo camera.

I also heard that a limited edition poster will be sold tonight for 20€ and that a signing session was planned the next day at 7. I'll be there !




I came back later and still was in the 5 first people waiting. Doors opened shortly after 7 and I went straight to the merchandizing table. I picked my poster and got number 2/300 !

Then I took the time to visit the venue. There are two rooms, The Max (capacity of 1,500) and the Oude Zaal (capacity of 700), with a lobby in the middle. A back door leads to Joe's restaurant which front door is in the same street as my hotel. After a little tour in the two rooms, I decided to go back to my hotel to leave my jacket, my hat and my poster. I also took something to eat and went back in the front of the stage.

There was only one guy here, playing a Playstation Vita. I left mine in France but we started talking about video games and the shows we were about to attend.





During the conversation, I grab my camera to take pictures of the room and the stage. But while putting it out of my bag, the battery storage opened and 2 of them rolled bellow the stage ! I managed to catch one but the other was lost. Of course, I didn't have a replacement and didn't want to go back again to the hotel than close to the show. So I went to the tapers to ask if they could lend me a battery until the next day. Brad, the older taper, nicely helped me. He told me was more installing than setting up as he would be there with his chair, table, mic stands all three nights taping moe. and Mike Gordon.


Glade to be able to take pictures again, I went back to the stage, waiting for the show to start...


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